"Go ye into all the world and empower" (Matthew 28:19) - this is the force of Jesus' commission to "make disciples" in a ministry of baptizing and teaching that leaves people empowered and changed from the encounter...."
     -- Dr. Grace Preedy Barnes, "Empowering People For Leadership"


          In his 2001 Annual Report, Roy Peterson, President of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, says, "I'm encouraged by the increase in partnerships working together around the world on behalf of Bible translation.   Each partner, whether an individual, a foundation, a church, a government or academic institution, brings a unique and essential contribution to the work. The events of 2001 highlighted the value of God's Word and the urgency of reaching all peoples with His message of salvation. Amidst the uncertainty and hostility the good news is that we have the Good News. The Bible carries the message that is the world's only hope...."    This is the heart of Hope Alliance PNG for the nation of Papua New Guinea.


"Papua New Guinea, Empowered by the Written Word"

          Our ultimate desire is to partner with the Church in making disciples of all people-groups.  Hope Alliance PNG (HAPNG) believes the most strategic way to accomplish this task is to empower community and church leaders to use the vernacular Scriptures effectively.   For this purpose HAPNG is committed to supporting: (1) Literacy Education; (2) Bible Translation; (3) Scripture Application and (4) Leadership Training.

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